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Surry Hills

Sydney, meet Soultrap – a sensational hidden cocktail bar nestled below Surry Hills.

About Soultrap Cocktail Bar

 If you’re an avid explorer of Sydney’s hidden bars and elusive drinking dens, you can’t afford to go past Soultrap. Taking inspiration from the speakeasies and underground bars that flourish whenever liquor licenses are difficult to come by, this hidden gem in the rough of Surry Hills nightlife is bound to be your new favourite haunt. 

Almost a century after Prohibition, something of the Jazz Age still lingers in popular memory – the desire to hunt down these illicit destinations and indulge in the best of life’s pleasures. There’s something about Sydney’s underground bars that capture the imagination, adding something a little less ordinary to our daily grind. 

Locals and visitors alike are drawn to these out-of-the-way destinations, confirming that Sydney’s best cocktails are appreciated all the more with a dash of mystery, and if it’s old-world charm you’re looking for, Soultrap Bar is the drinking den of your dreams.  

an orange cocktail
Maggie and Ben

From the very first glimpse, Soultrap is bound to intrigue you with its rich history and intimate atmosphere. This unique cocktail bar offers a reclaimed industrial ambience, with its bare brick walls and recycled wood hat cabinets. This warm, pared-back interior mirrors the philosophy behind Soultrap – focusing on what really matters and doing those things exceptionally

Mood lighting, Grazing menu, Sensational house cocktails? You bet. It’s no wonder we’re one of the most fascinating hidden bars in Sydney. 

What Makes Soultrap Bar So Unique?

Soultrap Bar is the home of great conversation, quality craft brews, celebration cocktails and Sydney’s best weeknight comedy. We add flair to your work week with homegrown burlesque and track down incredible live music to bring our intimate space to life.

We keep the tunes playing and the drinks flowing night after night, because nothing is more important than the good times we spend in good company. 

Perhaps that’s what makes Soultrap so engaging – at the heart of everything we do is the enduring human love of carousing and connecting that is utterly timeless. 

a table full of cocktails

In the ever-changing landscape of Sydney’s bar scene, Soultrap manages to stand out from the crowd. It’s that elusive, authentic quality that makes it so much more than your average small bar or flash-in-the-pan themed joint. Some call it the X factor – we call it a bar with soul. 

What are we all about? It can be difficult to sum up Soultrap with a single theme or ‘concept’, as they call them, and that’s exactly how we like it. Our clandestine Surry Hills basement bar evokes the image of a golden-age speakeasy, but this imaginative space is also grounded in the genuine day-to-day pleasures that make life worthwhile. 

Show-Stopping Specialty Cocktails
green cocktails

With a range of sweet and savoury creations on offer, cocktail connoisseurs will find plenty to love at Soultrap Surry Hills.  Classic cocktails with a modern Australian twist.

Soultrap Cocktail Bar is designed to capture our admiration of all things classic, and our cocktail selections are no exception. We elevate these classic recipes with the very best quality spirits and liqueurs from across the globe.  

The result? A flavour experience that harkens back to the roots of these iconic drinks, with a contemporary spin to rival the flashiest Sydney cocktail bars. 

Consider our take on the Manhattan, first created in the 1800s – the Soultrap ‘Australian Fare’ celebrates South Australian vermouth and amaro for a truly original spin on the classic cocktail. Combining Maidenii Dry & Sweet Vermouth and Okar Amaro, these complex flavours come together in an incredible medley of native botanicals. You’ve never had a Manhattan quite like this one.

 If you’re the ‘go big or go home’ type, stick around – Soultrap’s speciality house cocktails are an experience in themselves. 

Our ‘Cocktails of the ‘Gram’ collection is designed for the real cocktail bar aficionado, those who want their drinks to party as hard as they do. Choose from four sweet concoctions that look as memorable as they taste, including our green tea infused Meet Your Matcha cocktail, with a garnish of edible flowers.


red cocktails

 Or add some sparkle to your evening with the decadent Twilight: gin, lavender syrup, violet liqueur, absinthe, lime and a pinch of silver pearl dust.

It’s Parisian glamour meets Surry Hills cocktail bar. And if your tastes are a little more Moulin Rouge, our famous Soultrap Showgirl is sure to be your tipple of choice.

Looking for something that isn’t on our cocktail menu? Soultrap’s savvy bartenders are all too happy to oblige. Whether your tastes are traditional or wildly experimental, Soultrap is primed to be your new favourite cocktail bar. 

Pencil in a night at Soultrap and find out why our creations rank amongst Sydney’s best cocktails. 

Beer & Wine List

Our selection of brews ranges from craft beer to crowd-pleasing classics, with Mountain Goat Lager and Young Henry’s Pale Ale on tap. The eclectic philosophy behind Soultrap is reflected once again, with local craft beer. 

Soultrap’s curated wine list is something of a masterpiece, available by the glass or bottle – perfect  for getting cosy on your next date night. With red, white or sparkling wines for all palates and budgets, you’ll want to come back again and again to keep sampling this diverse selection. 

For something truly special, we’ll be proud to present one of Soultrap’s exceptional cheese and wine pairings. After some very extended sampling sessions, we’ve selected five connected ‘couples’ with irresistible chemistry – that is, flavours and textures that truly bring out the best in each other. 

All that’s left to do is sit back, relax and indulge. 

Cheese board and wine
Find Soultrap Cocktail Bar In Surry Hills

You know what they say, good things don’t come easy – and after all, we don’t want to give up our air of mystery. But we do want you to know where to find us. 

There’s no secret password (yet) and you’ll find this hidden cocktail bar only a few blocks from Sydney CBD and Central station, tucked below the heart of Surry Hills. Head to 70/72 Campbell Street and you’ll find the entrance to our subterranean speakeasy bar, well stocked with delicious eats, craft brews and sensational spirits. 

If you haven’t visited Soultrap before, don’t wait any longer – our warm and cosy ambience makes Soultrap one of the best bars for groups, couples or those flying solo. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to Soultrap soon. 


Host your next party or special event at Soultrap

Our bare-brick speakeasy space is yours to transform – from memorable themed parties to intimate gatherings and corporate events.